Wax Wood Stick is made to mimic naturally found “fat wood” but without the sticky mess or difficulty for some in sourcing, preparing and packing. This unique fire starter cuts smoother and ignites easier than any natural fatwood and it burns HOT.  Each Wax Wood Stick is handcrafted. The sticks are made to achieve superb performance in all weather conditions. A special process removes all water from the wood before fully impregnating each stick with a proprietary wax formula. The result is a weatherproof product that cuts like butter, takes a spark with ease, and burns long and hot.



It is known by many names depending on where you are from. Whatever you call it, fatwood is regionally recognized as a amazing natural resource for survivalist, campers, bushcrafters, and just about any outdoors person in tune with the natural resources available to thrive in the wild.



Wax Wood Stick is made to mimic naturally occurring fatwood. But you may be asking yourself; “Why?” Fatwood is widely known as a perfect fire starter material. Why would you even consider purchasing “fake” fatwood?  We recognize that it is not enough to simply mimic fatwood, you have to do more because fatwood has some downsides that could be improved.

PROCAMPTEK gives you all of the benefits of naturally found fatwood without some of the subjective drawbacks with its Wax Wood Stick. It is not only easier to light than natural fatwood, it is more conveniently sized for your pack or fire kit and ready to go. Wax wood is softer for easier processing, but has no sticky residue to make a mess of your gear. It’s dry, easy to pack and super easy to use. The “problems” of naturally occurring fatwood have been solved!

Save time and add some Wax Wood Stick to your fire kits today!




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